The leadership resources page contains tools, how to guides, and other documentation useful to PASH leadership including Board Members and Committee leadership.  Sections are as follows: PASH Toolkit – The PASH Toolkit is a set of documents distributed to committee leadership.  It contains the key governing documents for PASH, including the bylaws and committee charters.  There is also current information about responsibilities, assignments, and important dates.  Finally, the toolkit contains a number of how to documents related to topics like voting and issuing CPE.  If you notice any errors in these documents please contact the PASH Secretary. Website How Tos:  We are collecting and developing documentation regarding the website and other online tools. COPAS Website:  Additional resources can be found on the COPAS Website.  Login and click on the icon for the members area on the top right of the page.  https://www.copas.org/index.php/member-login
PASH Toolkit 2018-2019 (09062018) – This zip file contains all the toolkit documents, or download an individual document below 01 PASH BOD 2018-2019 (07242018) 02 PASH BOD Liaisons 2018-2019 (07092018) 03 PASH Chairs 2018-2019 (10172018) 04 PASH Meeting Dates 2018-2019 (07062018) 05 PASH Newsletter Dates 2018-2019 (08122018) 06a PASH CPE Reporting Requirements (08122018) 06b PASH CPE Process Detail (08122018) 06c PASH Example Meeting Notification Form 06d PASH Example newsletter submission 06e COPAS FILLABLE Event Notification Form 06f COPAS Event Instructions 06g NASBA Fields of Study 06h NASBA Required Elements of Promotional Materials 06i Course Review Certification Form – CPA (08.12.18) 7 PASH 2018-2019 LTR HD (07242018) 8 PASH LOGO (07312008) 9 PASH Chairperson Meeting Protocol Checklist (08232010) 10a PASH Audit Committee Charter (04042017) 10b PASH Education Committee Charter (10062016) 10c PASH Financial Reporting Committee Charter (2010) 10d PASH International Committee Charter (2010) 10e PASH Joint Interest Committee Charter (2016) 10f PASH Revenue Committee Charter (2010) 10g PASH Midstream Committee Charter (2010) – INACTIVE 10h PASH Small Oil and Gas Company Committee Charter (2010) 10i PASH New Professionals Charter(2010) 10j PASH Hospitality Committee Information 11 PASH Standing Comm Voting (03132014) 12 PASH Committee Meeting Minutes Etiquette (04082010) 13 PASH Social Media Policy 14 PASH Storage Unit Information (09082015) 15 Society Duties (08232011) 16 COPAS ACCOUNTS Deadlines 2018-2019 (08162018) 17 PASH CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS 2018-05 (09062018)  
PASH Website editing – general information showing how to make minor updates PASH WordPress User Detail Export – how to export a list of users from the website Newsletter Instructions – Mail Chimp Instructions