What is PASH?

  • A group of oil and gas accountants and related individuals who come together to accomplish common goals
  • 1 of 26 societies across the county that make up the Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies (COPAS)
  • Members participate in monthly meetings held by various committees
  • Members contribute to the development of documents that establish industry standards for O&G accounting

When does PASH meet?

In person meetings are typically held on the 3rd Thursday of the month for September through November and January through April.  Committee meetings start at 3pm followed by a technical session and dinner.  Sometimes the schedule is shifted to a lunch meeting.  There is typically a holiday luncheon in December and a picnic in May.

Virtual meetings have more flexibility and the times are set by the committee and committee chair.  Look for the latest information in the monthly newsletter.  Email pashmembership@yahoo.com to get added to the distribution list.

Who can attend and do I need to register?

Committee meetings are open to guests and members.  It is a great way to learn about the organization and the types of knowledge sharing activities we offer.

Registration is required if you are attending the dinner or luncheon portion of the meeting, but no registration is required for the committee meetings.  The registration link is unique each month and can be found in the newsletter.

How does voting work?

  • Each company is represented by a member in good standing at each voting opportunity
  • All represented companies will vote at the PASH committee level
  • The PASH Committee Chair will deliver the committee’s resulting vote to the national COPAS committee meeting

All members are encouraged to share their thoughts and input into discussions

If you have any questions about PASH, the benefits of membership or need help locating current members of PASH, please contact the membership Committee at pashmembership@yahoo.com.