Hospitality Committee

Carmen Easton


The Hospitality Committee is designed to ensure all members and guests feel welcome and have an enjoyable experience at PASH events. Before the monthly meetings begin, committee members will update and setup signs with activity information and locations. The meeting dates are announced in the monthly PASH newsletter.

At each of the monthly PASH meetings, four committee members will assist at the registration table to welcome and check-in members, speakers and guests. The check-in process includes distributing name tags and validating parking. The registration table volunteers will also distribute the member directories that will help put a name with a face after the event. Two or more additional committee members will circulate and personally welcome new members, speakers and guests. By welcoming new members before they reach the registration table, the committee will hopefully be able to ease the minds of newcomers and provide a road map for their first day.

After the check-in process is complete the committee members will provide a final head count for the dinner portion of the meeting. The Hospitality Committee is also available to assist the PASH Board, Committee Chairs and members as they need assistance. Please send us an email if you are interested in helping out at the next meeting.

We look forward to seeing you soon!